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Flat to Pitch Roof Conversions

Flat to pitch conversions

Flat to pitch conversions completely transform the appearance of a building. In some cases, they are the only effective way of waterproofing the existing roof structure but do require a detailed structural survey to be carried out. This is to ensure that the existing roof structure or supporting walls are capable of withstanding the additional loads which are transmitted from the new roof structure.

A flat to pitch roof conversion uses a lightweight galvanised steel frame to fit over the existing flat roof. The framework provides support for a new pitched metal roof. The conversion can incorporate additional habitable space within the new roof structure which will depend upon the result of a structural survey and the layout of the existing services and access. Additional low-density mineral wool insulation can be added on top of the old roof to improve u-values and reduce heat loss from the building and the new structure can support a standing seam system for the new roof, especially suitable where the pitch is low. For a greater pitch, a through-fix trapezoidal profile can be fitted.

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