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Copper Roofing Materials

Copper Roofing

Copper roofing is beautiful, malleable and soft. It naturally resists corrosion thanks to the verdigris that forms over copper as it weathers. Because of this, copper usually doesn't need any sort of extra coating. Its light weight means that it puts less structural stress on a building. It is an ideal material for areas that regularly see heavy snowfall.

Copper roofing gradually changes color as it ages due to the verdigris pigment, so older roofs take on a beautiful greenish hue. This creates a striking effect that appeals to many home and business owners. Copper looks great naturally and doesn't need to be painted.

Although copper roofing has a number of desirable aesthetic traits, it is much more expensive than steel roofing. While many homeowners use copper shingles to roof small buildings, you might find that a full copper roof is prohibitively expensive for a residential home. However, copper is an excellent choice for commercial roofing in some areas because of its high material value. If a commercial building needs to be demolished, its copper roof can be recycled and sold for a decent return on the initial investment.

Strength is another factor to consider. Copper roofing is softer than steel and may take on dents and scratches more easily. If you live in an area that regularly experiences thunderstorms and hail, you should consider the potential added expenses of occasional dent repair. Shingles and sheets of copper metal roofing are available.

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