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Rainwater Systems from London

Half Round Rainwater Systems

Half Round rainwater systems use concealed brackets to provide a stylish design that is resistant to dirt and ensures an efficient rainwater flow through an excellent gutter line. Easy to install they are constructed from VMZinc using bonded gutter joints and gun adhesive ensuring a nicely finished and ergonomic product.

Downpipes are neatly secured using v-lock and self locking brackets, push fitting them together. Half Round rainwater systems require zero maintenance and have a long life expectancy.

Box Rainwater Systems

The box rainwater system comes in a complete gutter and downnpipe range in two choices of sizing. Widespread use across Europe the system lends itself to traditional buildings and its soldier joints means it has extremely low maintenance and long life. It is expected to last the length of any building design life.

Box rainwater systems come BRE Green Guide rated in pre-weatehred Zinc that never discolours and suffers no corrosion.

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